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Nalu's music is full of tenderness and feels like the swirling seas. She mixes acoustic folk with pop melodies whose velvety, suspended notes glide in through the ears and travel to the heart.


After the release of her EP "Drifting Tides" in 2018 and the album "Ocean Eyes" in 2020, the Swiss-Israeli author, composer, performer and dancer is preparing to release her second album: "YOU / ME", co-produced with Romain Equey. Nalu confides in us about the turmoil & disappointments of the heart as well as the joyful tides that lead to finding oneself in this brand new double opus expected for spring 2023.

As a prelude to the album, Nalu delivers the single "Anchor" that leads us through an exploration of the mysteries and struggles of post-breakup relationships with powerful riffs and an earthy soundscape.



NALU pochette october 19 beige.jpg


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