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Nalu is swiss-israeli singer-songwriter and dancer. The 27 years old artist grew up within an artistic family and has always had a deep connection with music and art in general. She discovered Hip-Hop dance when she was 8, which introduced her to life on stage. She wouldn't let go of this passion for dance as it is still an essential form of expression for her. Over the years, she gained experience in other urban dance styles as well as jazz and contemporary, Nalu danced for many productions and musicals and taught in schools and as an independant. She now teaches mouvement and body awareness.

In 2016, her need for new artistic challenges brought her to learning guitar and explore another of her passions: music. She composed her few songs that same year and slowly surrounded herself with talented and experienced musicians.

Nalu loves collaborations and challenges that gets her out of her comfort zone, She is part of the project Silk Stones (folk/pop duo with Julien Cambarau – Kay Jam). She also composed for the dance production «The Little Prince» by the company OTHERS, in collaboration with the producer Baptiste Melileo, alias LUNE.



Beside her artistic work, Nalu was employed for various event planning jobs (corporate, cultural, sports). In 2015, she travelled the globe for a year and founded the association Into the Yard when she returned to Switzerland in 2016. The association is specialised in the organisation of warm and intimate concerts in unique places. It also manages musical workshops for swiss artists.

Her work for Into the Yard and her many other occupations allowed her to expand her network and have a role in the cultural and musical industry in Switzerland.

In 2018, as she was strongly implicated in the management of her musical career, the young entreprenor gave herself a new challenge. She became an artist manager for the brittish singer-songwriter Mark Kelly and the swiss pianist Adriano Koch. She stopped these collaborations in the end of 2020 to focus on her own projects. Today, Nalu is proud to be independant in the music world. She got a CAS degree as sociocultural manager in the music industry. 

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